How to find out your own phone number on iPhone

In this guide, I will show you how to find out the phone number in an iPhone. This can happen that you do not know your own number, especially if you have changed the telephone company or something like that. There is three different methods here.

Method 1 :

  • Open the iPhone Settings
  • Tap on Telephon


  • In the first line My number your complete phone number will be there displayed


Method 2 :

  • Of course you can call and there read your phone number from another phone . However, with your iPhone, the phone number must be activated. This is in most cases the case, if it does not, then you can do it like this: Settings -> Phone -> Send My Caller ID


Method 3 :

  • You can even take out and look up the SIM card, because sometimes the phone number to be found there. Although the make all telephone providers, but for me it is printed, for example. I have a SIM from O2 Germany.



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